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Top 5 Christmas gifts for architects 🎄 #ArchiGifts

It’s kind of hard to find a gift for an architect, isn’t it? I know what you think… architects are hard to satisfy or please. And if the architect is also a woman is even harder!

It’s true, we have a very particular taste, we are choosy about almost anything and occasionally we can look pretty pretentious…

But architects are not pretentious, we have simply developed our taste in a particular way.  Architects build their taste and critical mind around the concept of “Aesthetics”. 

  • Aesthetics concerns beauty or appreciation of beauty.
  • Tasting is the act of recognizing: flavours, visual or auditory sensations, ect.

Having taste involves actively analyzing what you experience, that’s the point! We analyze everything! It is not passing judgement.

As the wise Jessica Rabbit once said:

Okay, but… what does an architect want for Christmas?

1. Moleskine


There is nothing safer to get to an architect! I bet every architect’s wish list includes this notebook! 📓  The Moleskine is the successor to the legendary Bruce Chatwin’s notebook, used by artists, architects and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, but also Le Corbusier.

What about this Drawing Set? It is simply a perfect present for an architect!  My  favourite Moleskine is the classic Pocket Plain Notebook in size  9x14cm

2. Some cool designed object

Such as…

  1. CREVASSE (Alessi) flower vase designed by Zaha Hadid.

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  2. E-LI-LI (Alessi) flower vase designed by Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas

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  3. LA CUPOLA (Alessi) espresso coffee maker designed by Aldo Rossi

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  4. Alvar Aalto Collection Gift set (Iittala) you know I love Savoy vase, don’t you? I’ve already talked about it in this post (I still have to buy it!) iittala-scene7-com
  5. Anything from Alvar Aalto Collection (Iittala) see above.

3. Architecture Magazines Subscription

Architecture students are encouraged to read architecture magazines, because for architects is important to be informed about what is new in architecture. Today there is the internet for keeping up to date, but the internet cannot replace a good architecture magazine! I believe that any architect would love to have a subscription to an architecture magazine as Christmas gift.

My selection:

  • Area (I love their “Contemporary itinerary”),
  • Arketipo (focused on details, new technologies and sustainability of materials. Good alternative to Detail),
  • Domus, (founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti,  it’s the first I’ve ever bought),
  • Casabella, (also founded in 1928 it is the architecture magazine for italian architects)
  • The Architectural Review, (I discovered this magazine at university, when I did a research on Nikolaus Pevsner, and I’m still reading it… by the way have you read my NOTOPIA vs GENIUS LOCI?)

4. Lego Architecture Studio

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It is not a regular LEGO, it has a very specific target audience in mind: teens and adults who are interested in architecture and design. It is the first Lego set that comes without instructions, providing 1,200 bricks and a 250-page manual for inspiration. The book basically features various architecture and design companies who share a concept used by professional architects and designers, there is a workshop section with exercises to help you master the concept with the bricks included.

No doubt that this kit will  be loved by architects fans of Lego (as I am) with which he/she can make lego models of their own buildings to decorate the shelves of his/her office! After all, architects are crazy creative maniacs!

Last but not least…

5. An ironic book about architects 📚  such as: “From Bauhaus to Our House” by Tom Wolfe

That’s all folks!