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DIY Home Gardens


Whether you have a small garden, a huge garden or no garden at all, there is no excuse for not having plants.

They are an easy and stylish way to decorate your home!

You can choose to grow herbs as well. They are very easy to maintain and there truly is nothing better than picking your very own fresh herbs right in your home, they won’t only provide you with fresh  produce, but they’ll also brighten up and perfume your home!

DIY Home Gardens DIY Home Gardens by creaptitude 


Don’t have much space to grow your favorite plants? Try to build a vertical garden like this one designed by Susie Frazier.

Using wood, metal cables, threaded bolts and a handful of mason jars, you can build a garden to hang to add green to your home.

This indoor hanging garden is the essence of hipster elegance. It won’t take all that long to make this and you actually don’t need that many supplies either. Just make sure to pick a spot in your home that gets enough sunlight.

Why don’t put a mini garden under your lamp and use the light to illuminate the greenery?


SHareStudios –  A vessel of light. This minimalist geometric table lamp adds a new dimension to the concept of the “lamp”. Hand forged from steel, and enveloped in bright white handmade kozo paper. Using it as a terrarium is a unique addition to any living space.

Don’t throw your old bulbs from now on! You can breathe new life into your burnt out lightbulbs with just a little bit of work.
202001601You can turn them into beautiful hanging terrariums by adding tiny stones and plants inside…
or make a hanging lightbulb planter and if you go a little more modern with wire you can make a chic vase!
Last but not least, put plants in a fish bowl rather than a fish!


Pastels & plants by creaptitude 

Credits: FabArtDIY