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Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire


Old farm conversion into an holiday villa: Villa Solaire

This is the first post of the #inspiration series where I will report projects that have struck me in some way, and which are inspirational to me.

One thing they teach architects during their studies is to observe what others do to draw inspiration. Usually the great masters of contemporary architecture. Not copying! But watch with a critical eye and wonder: What works… What does not work… What makes sense… What is innovative… What is useful… etc…

The first project I want to present is a refurbishment of an old Haute-Savoie house. It’s located in the historic district of Pied de La Plagne, in Morzine, France. It is a conversion into a luxurious holiday villa of a farm dating back to 1826, identified by the Municipality as a milestone for traditional local architecture.

The project of the two French architecture studios JKA and FUGA  is called “Villa Solaire”. The name refers to the fact that the house is oriented to follow the path of the sun, ensuring the right amount of daylight in the interiors.

The purpose of the studios was to revise the traditional construction techniques. The architects opting for an external wall covering made in wooden planks perforated that wraps the whole building, which is well connected to the context of historic buildings where it is inserted. The holes that may appear random are actually the result of calculations and studies made to allow natural daylight, which varies according to hours of the day, to penetrate into the interiors.

Why do I like it? Especially because the contemporary design of the cuts is inspired by tradition and is well connected to it. Because the interiors are rustic but minimal at the same time.