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Urban Jungle interiors trend: how to decorate in this style


Urban Jungle interiors trend how to decorate in this style

Urban Jungle di creaptitude 

The urban jungle interior trend identifies a decorative style that sees nature as the protagonist. It’s a real philosophy of living.

Style developed in America, on trend since a while, it might be the color of the year, but even 2017 is marked by the consolidation of this trend. With the arrival of spring everything is green, and at home we feel the desire to bring this nuance.

So let’s look at what the basic features of the Urban Jungle are:

  1. Enrich the interiors with plants from the lush foliage, just like a tropical jungle. Rampants and tropical plants, palms, ficus, and succulents, but also magnolia, calla lilies and orchids.
  2. Use natural materials: wood, bamboo, rattan, stone for furniture and natural fibers such as cotton, linen and rope for textiles.
  3. References to nature in prints of fabrics, wallpaper, paintings and decorations in general.
  4. Color palettes where green is the protagonist. Not only in the “greenery” nuance. Together with yellow and pink accents, on light and dark backgrounds.

But how to interpret this style in a personal way?

Decorate the house with the plants.

The simplest way is to use apartment plants and flowers, creating real gardens in your home. I’ve already mentioned something here.

Urban Jungle interiors trend how to decorate in this style


Renovate fabrics.

Choose decorative fabrics in natural fibers and with jungle inspired prints: curtains, pillows, carpets, etc.

Change the color of the walls.

Operation that we often face in this time of year. Those who dare can use wallpaper with jungle prints. Wallpapers have come back to life and now they are one of the most trendy trends. My advice in this case is to be careful and not get carried away! Avoid hanging wallpaper all over the room. It’s better to use it wisely to add character to a wall, a niche, or use it as a backdrop for a bookcase.
Urban Jungle interiors trend how to decorate in this style

Urban Jungle Wallpapers di creaptitude 

Choose the decorations.

Prints and paintings depicting nature and, more generally, jungles. Vases and ornaments in natural materials or depicting nature.

Urban Jungle interiors trend how to decorate in this styleUrban Jungle artset di creaptitude

My advice to interpreting Urban Jungle’s trend is to not use wallpapers. The final effect is too strong.  Prefer light colors for the walls (white, rope or beige). Insert green and pink accents (pastel or fuchsia) by using paintings and printed fabrics … and naturally enrich the interiors with so many plants!