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There is no moonlighting. It’s a jungle!

Moonlighting #28 ArchiTalks I must confess that the first thing I thought, when I read this month's #ArchiTalks  theme , was… Throwback to the '80s! I loved that show! Anyway, now I know what moonlighting actually means, and I also get the chance to explain how being an architect in Italy is. The majority of the… Continue reading There is no moonlighting. It’s a jungle!

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Today’s post  is the 27th post in a group series called #ArchiTalks (leads by Bob Borson) in which a group of us architects write about the same topic on the same day and share each other's posts. This month's theme is “Mentorship”. Topic lead by Michael La Valley.   This is the first #ArchiTalks' post that… Continue reading Mentorship

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Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire

  Old farm conversion into an holiday villa: Villa Solaire This is the first post of the #inspiration series where I will report projects that have struck me in some way, and which are inspirational to me. One thing they teach architects during their studies is to observe what others do to draw inspiration. Usually the great masters… Continue reading Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire

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Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire

Questo è il primo post della serie #inspiration dove riporterò progetti che in qualche modo mi hanno colpito e che per me sono fonte di ispirazione.

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L’Architettura è Arte?

Oggi, 15 aprile, è il “World Art Day”, la Giornata Mondiale dell'Arte, il compleanno di Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo era un erudito, è stata la figura più influente del Rinascimento italiano. Il Genio Universale: inventore, matematico, scienziato, anatomista, pittore, scultore, disegnatore, ingegnere e anche architetto. Gli appunti di Leonardo contengono molti riferimenti all'architettura, in particolare… Continue reading L’Architettura è Arte?