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How to Become a Licensed Architect in Italy

How to become an architect in Italy? To enter the profession in Italy, you are required to first obtain a degree in Architecture. There are three kind of degree: Bachelor of Science 3 years Master of Science 5 years (2 years after the bachelor degree so 3+2) Single-Cycle Degree - 5 years When I started there was… Continue reading How to Become a Licensed Architect in Italy

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Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire

  Old farm conversion into an holiday villa: Villa Solaire This is the first post of the #inspiration series where I will report projects that have struck me in some way, and which are inspirational to me. One thing they teach architects during their studies is to observe what others do to draw inspiration. Usually the great masters… Continue reading Inspiration #1 Villa Solaire

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Is Architecture Art?

Today, April 15th, is the “World Art Day”, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was a polymath, he was the most influential figure of the Italian Renaissance. The Universal Genius: inventor, mathematician, scientist, anatomist, painter, sculptor, draftsman, engineer and also an architect. Leonardo's notes contain many references to architecture, especially plans for cathedrals. In his architectural studies Leonardo went so far as to… Continue reading Is Architecture Art?

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Top 5 Christmas gifts for architects 🎄 #ArchiGifts

It's kind of hard to find a gift for an architect, isn't it? I know what you think... architects are hard to satisfy or please. And if the architect is also a woman is even harder! It's true, we have a very particular taste, we are choosy about almost anything and occasionally we can look pretty… Continue reading Top 5 Christmas gifts for architects 🎄 #ArchiGifts

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I was reading the June 2016 issue of The Architectural Review where it has been highlighted the phenomenon that they have named "Notopia" described as a loss of identity and cultural vibrancy and a global pandemic of generic buildings. That's true, we live in an era of globalization, where the progressive deterioration of local values… Continue reading NOTOPIA vs GENIUS LOCI