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There is no moonlighting. It’s a jungle!

Moonlighting #28 ArchiTalks I must confess that the first thing I thought, when I read this month's #ArchiTalks  theme , was… Throwback to the '80s! I loved that show! Anyway, now I know what moonlighting actually means, and I also get the chance to explain how being an architect in Italy is. The majority of the… Continue reading There is no moonlighting. It’s a jungle!

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Top 5 Christmas gifts for architects 🎄 #ArchiGifts

It's kind of hard to find a gift for an architect, isn't it? I know what you think... architects are hard to satisfy or please. And if the architect is also a woman is even harder! It's true, we have a very particular taste, we are choosy about almost anything and occasionally we can look pretty… Continue reading Top 5 Christmas gifts for architects 🎄 #ArchiGifts

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🍁 Autumn 🍂

Here we go. Autumn is finally starting. As I said before this year I'm going to make some changes to my blog. First of all, I'm going to post in English - as you can see - we live in a big world and you know English is the international language, it's like a passepartout!… Continue reading 🍁 Autumn 🍂